"Hey Mother Nature, We're Big Fans.™"

Proudly providing wind energy to New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Southern Maine.

About Us

Wind Guys USA was founded in 2008 by Jeff Goodman and Rich Brady. We have successfully installed a number of wind turbines throughout the New England area. With the focus on green, renewable energy sources our business is ever growing and we look forward to a bright and windy future.


Take control of your home’s energy needs by harnessing a free resource—the wind. How? With a residential wind generator from XZERES® installed by the knowledgeable folks right here at Wind Guys USA.

Did You Know?

The world of wind energy is full of facts and information! For instance, did you know that appliances account for about 20% of a typical household’s energy use, with refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers at the top of the list. Learn more here!

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