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Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine & Wind Energy System

Take control of your home’s energy needs by harnessing a free resource—the wind. How? With a residential wind generator from Skystream® installed by the knowledgable folks right here at Wind Guys USA.

The Skystream 3.7 is a revolutionary small wind turbine for utility-connected homes and businesses. Designed for homes just like yours, the smart, modern Skystream 3.7 converts wind into electricity you can use. It helps reduce your electric bills, protects you against volatile electricity prices, reduces your dependence on foreign oil, and produces clean energy that doesn’t affect global warming. Most importantly, it provides independence and stability for you and your family.

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PWS-1000TD-X Professional Weather Station

The PWS-1000TD-X Professional Weather Station stores 4080 readings and data logs to your computer!

Features include:
  • Large Backlight LCD Touch Screen Display Activates with Slightest Touch
  • Measurements are Transmitted up to 330 feet to the Indoor Touchscreen Weather Monitor Receiver/Display
  • Includes Four Outdoor Sensors which can be easily mounted to a Deck, Fence, Roof or use with the supplied 20" Mast
  • Measure In/Out Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Chill, Wind Direction, In/Out Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Trend and Rain Fall
  • Measures Wind Speeds up to 110MPH!
  • All Dynamic Measurement Data is Captured in Real Time and stored in the Transmitter CPU and then transmitted every 48 sec.
  • Atomic Time/Date with Perpetual Calendar
  • 12 Month of Battery Life Expectancy. DG-960 Power Adapter is not used with this unit.
  • 4080 Point Data Logger. Includes USB Cable & Software.
  • Data logging software included

MSRP: $239 | Our Price: $159 (+shipping)


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